Courier Night Time Essentials for Gig Work

As a courier delivering packages or food after dark, here are several essential items you might find helpful. 


 hoto by RDNE Stock project from Pexels: Photo by RDNE Stock project from Pexels


High-Quality Flashlight: A powerful flashlight is crucial for navigating poorly lit areas and finding addresses in the dark. Look for a durable, water-resistant model with a strong beam.  Tactical flashlights that are not too big, that can fit easily in a pocket while you navigate handling the package being delivered are best.  

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Reflective Safety VestVisibility is key, especially when working at night. A reflective safety vest can make you more visible to drivers and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents.  The vest linked here will allow you to wear with any outfit and will not cover your clothes are make you too hot in Summer.

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Personal Safety Alarm:  In unpredictable situations during night deliveries, a personal safety alarm can serve as a discreet yet powerful tool to attract attention and deter potential threats, offering an added layer of protection for gig workers by providing a quick and loud means of summoning help.

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Portable Charger Power Bank: A reliable power bank is essential for gig workers on night shifts, ensuring that their smartphones, crucial for navigation and communication, remain charged throughout deliveries, reducing the risk of being stranded without access to important tools and assistance.

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With these items you're sure to be quick and efficient while delivery at night.  Always be aware of your surrounding and drive safe!

xoxo, Janice


PS - An everyday item to use for Food Delivery during all shifts is an:

Insulated Food Delivery BagTo keep food warm during transportation, invest in a well-insulated delivery bag. Look for one with a reflective interior to help retain heat.  Make sure to go straight to the restaurant and straight to the customer location for delivery.   

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