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The Final Two - Cuisinart Food Processor and Magic Bullet Portable Blender

  Still in the RAW FOOD mix, loving my results.   With a 13 lb. weight loss in three weeks my left knee is no longer hurting.   My feet are better and don't itch or ache. The last two things to use in your kitchen to have the ability to make all the raw recipes you find is a food processor and a portable blender.   The food processor chops or slices food to the right size.   The portable blender unlike the larger Vitamix I mentioned previously, creates flour out of the nuts and seeds used in raw recipes.   This is crucial to make the breads and wraps. The current food processor that I use and it very affordable is the Cuisinart 8-cup .   It’s not too small and not too big.   It can handle most recipes with ease.  Large processors are for big meals or even a business.   The second kitchen gadget is the Magic Bullet .   This high power portable blender is quick and easy for a smoothie.   It can also be used to grind seeds into meal for recipes.   It is not recommended to buy pack

Excalibur Dehydrator makes raw food eating easy

  Hi everyone.   I'm excited to share after 3 weeks of following a mostly raw food lifestyle I have lost 10 pounds!!   It is important to drop my body weight to a healthy BMI to rid myself of any ailment or disease.   Research has found, eating food as close to the earth (UNCOOKED) keeps the living cells alive and will heal anything not working properly in the human body.  Eating living raw food naturally puts your body at its normal weight. This is not my first time going raw vegan.   I ate raw vegan for two full years in the past.   My transition back was quick because I still have all the kitchen tools! One of the most important tools is an Excalibur Dehydrator .   You can make so many tasty foods with it you're guaranteed to stay raw.   Breads, pizza crusts, cookies, etc. are easy to make with the right recipes. You can also lightly dehydrate vegetables to warm them and have the healthy enzymes stay intact.   Foods are considered raw as long as they are not heated abo

Countdown to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever! 😎💥