Start a landscaping business with a PowerSmart Lawn Mower!

Running your own business or at least a side hustle in landscaping is very easy to do.  Most jobs on a 1/4 acre lot can be finished in a hour.  Today's rate for one lawn is $50 to $70 each.  Work full time or part-time is up to you. You're the boss. The PowerSmart self propelled lawn mower will help to finish the job even faster.  This 21-inch mower has big blades to cover and cut more ground.  Create a landscaping bundle with an PowerSmart edger .  The edger is used along the curb and sidewalk to make a great presentation.  A trimmer and blower will make clean up fast, on hedges and any leaves any debris!  The best way to find customers are through word of mouth, posting flyers on doors of houses with tall lawns that need to be cut and on free apps like TaskRabbit.     If you want a battery operated lawn mower and tools, check out this bundle by Greenworks .   Landscaping can be done during warm months and wintertime too.  Simply change your focus from warm temp

Win a copy of my book DREAM ZONE!

  Did you know I wrote a book in 2010?  It was a local favorite and sold 400 copies.  I plan to have it made into a major film one day.  Don't laugh, it might happen. I will give away a copy of the book to anyone who posts a comment below before Friday, September 30, 2022 at 12 noon (CST).  The first person to guess a number between 1 - 100 will win.  If no one picks the number I will select the person closest to it without going over. This contest run concurrent with the book's blog - If you want to buy a copy of the book -  purchase it HERE . I will include a free gift in every order. Here's the original promo video from 2010.    Thank you for your support.  I have recorded 1/2 of it for Audible.  Hopefully in 2023! #DreamZone  #JaniceKnowsBest  #Giveaway    

Amazon Prime has Thursday Night Football - Free Trial Offer

  Amazon Prime has the exciting Thursday Night Football and tons more of award-winning, always-thrilling video content including The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power .  Sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial of Prime Video on Amazon at this link !  Go Team!   #AmazonPrime  #NFLFootball  #TheRingsofPower  

The Home Office by Worky is a remote professional's dream

  A lot of us are working remotely now. It is important to have everything you need at hand and organized when you are on the go. Some of our schedules have us at home, the office or at a client's location throughout the week.   The Home Office by Worky is the portable office for remote professionals on the go! It is lightweight and easy to take with you. It features: USB and charging station, LED video conference light, laptop placement, storage and organization, dry erase board plus more!  This isn't the drab cushion container to sit your laptop on top with storage beneath. Instead this is a stylist portable office!      This affordable ASUS laptop is lightweight and should fit in The Home Office by Worky . It has all the features needed including a webcam!  Don't forget headphones . Happy computing!         #JaniceKnowsBest #TheHomeOfficeByWorky #ASUSLaptop

Deconovo Blackout curtains keeps you protected at night!

Image   As most people, sometimes we are up late at night.  It is important that everyone doesn't know it.  The only way to keep your house or apartment incognito from those outside is to use blackout curtains . Using black out curtains allows you to have as many lights on at night, without bringing attention to your house.   This link to Amazon has a great array of lengths and colors AND has a coupon available to BUY NOW . Walk around your house at all times knowing no one can see in unless you want them to.  Blackout curtains are a smart addition to security of your home or apartment.   -->  Be sure to get some curtain rods ! (check width) Check back next week for another great lifestyle tip form #JaniceKnowsBest !     #DeconovoCurtains  #BlackoutCurtains  #JaniceKnowsBest

IAGREEA Countertop Dishwasher has so many great features!

    I use a countertop dishwasher .  My house is 67 years old with the original kitchen.  Although not a full-size dishwasher, this still does the job for a home.  It is popular in apartments, dorm rooms and RVs too. IAGREEA Countertop Dishwasher has so many great features!  You can see the dishes during the entire cycle.  This is an anti-leak design.  It's easy to install.  The compact size holds a lot of dishes.  Click on the link and check out the videos.   This is the best time to buy with the $30 discount on Amazon !   #Dishwasher  #PortableDishwasher #IAGEEA #JaniceKnowsBest

O'Cedar EasyWring Mop System is genius!

  No matter what the size house you live in, it is imperative to keep it clean and tidy.   A clean home reduces the risk of bugs and mice.   A clean house also helps to keep you less vulnerable to disease and illness.  It only takes a daily short burst of cleanliness to do it.   A load of clothes, run the dishwasher after cooking, clean hot spots (coffee table, dust ceiling fans, bathrooms), etc. all takes less than an hour. Today we are going to discuss cleaning tile floors.   I recently starting using the O'Cedar Easywring RINSE CLEAN Mop System .  So easy!  I love the fact you can wring the mop without bending over with the adjustable mop shaft.  Great design! This mop system keeps the clean water separate from the dirty water! The secret to quick cleaning is to use water that has been heated on the stove, not hot tap water.  Add some dish soap and white vinegar and you have the best cleaning solution on the planet!