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I'm Overweight

Yes, it's true.  I eat too much.  I am lacto vegetarian and a very good cook.  I cook for one, so there's usually leftovers most days.  I know what to do.  I was slim until only a few years ago.    I workout now 3 days a week.  It is a simple 8 minute full body workout.  I use a GymBoss timer to make sure to switch the exercises I do.  It is a game changer.  I highly recommend it! #affiliatelink GymBoss Timer  I find the short workouts are better than long ones because, for one, when you workout to long and hard, it stimulates your appetite and you overeat.  Not good.    I'll give details on the routines I do soon.  To your health! 💪    Keep me motivated! $  

Nice to Meet You

 Hi!  I will be sharing my thoughts on food, fitness, fashion and all fun things I know and experience.  I'm creating this blog because you really need to know what I know, have what I have, and do what I do. 😁   No really, life is a challenge and goes fast, so don't wait.  Do what you want and share all GOOD things with as many like minded people as you can. This blog is not for those who look for the bad in everything.  I want it to be a breath of free air in your day.  No matter what happens to you, look for the opportunities it gives or what you can learn from it.  Again, you may not understand why it is happening at the moment but it will be revealed eventually.   Again, thanks for checking out the blog.  Follow for more posts and comment to keep me encouraged.   Have a great day! 😀    Keep me motivated! $ Keep me motivated! Donate