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Deconovo Blackout curtains keeps you protected at night!

Image   As most people, sometimes we are up late at night.  It is important that everyone doesn't know it.  The only way to keep your house or apartment incognito from those outside is to use blackout curtains . Using black out curtains allows you to have as many lights on at night, without bringing attention to your house.   This link to Amazon has a great array of lengths and colors AND has a coupon available to BUY NOW . Walk around your house at all times knowing no one can see in unless you want them to.  Blackout curtains are a smart addition to security of your home or apartment.   -->  Be sure to get some curtain rods ! (check width) Check back next week for another great lifestyle tip form #JaniceKnowsBest !     #DeconovoCurtains  #BlackoutCurtains  #JaniceKnowsBest

IAGREEA Countertop Dishwasher has so many great features!

    I use a countertop dishwasher .  My house is 67 years old with the original kitchen.  Although not a full-size dishwasher, this still does the job for a home.  It is popular in apartments, dorm rooms and RVs too. IAGREEA Countertop Dishwasher has so many great features!  You can see the dishes during the entire cycle.  This is an anti-leak design.  It's easy to install.  The compact size holds a lot of dishes.  Click on the link and check out the videos.   This is the best time to buy with the $30 discount on Amazon !   #Dishwasher  #PortableDishwasher #IAGEEA #JaniceKnowsBest

O'Cedar EasyWring Mop System is genius!

  No matter what the size house you live in, it is imperative to keep it clean and tidy.   A clean home reduces the risk of bugs and mice.   A clean house also helps to keep you less vulnerable to disease and illness.  It only takes a daily short burst of cleanliness to do it.   A load of clothes, run the dishwasher after cooking, clean hot spots (coffee table, dust ceiling fans, bathrooms), etc. all takes less than an hour. Today we are going to discuss cleaning tile floors.   I recently starting using the O'Cedar Easywring RINSE CLEAN Mop System .  So easy!  I love the fact you can wring the mop without bending over with the adjustable mop shaft.  Great design! This mop system keeps the clean water separate from the dirty water! The secret to quick cleaning is to use water that has been heated on the stove, not hot tap water.  Add some dish soap and white vinegar and you have the best cleaning solution on the planet!