How to be successful eating Raw Foods

I was told the average person eats nine meals over and over.  To be successful in any new diet, you must find nine meals that are easy to prepare that you enjoy a lot.  This way you can always find something enjoyable to eat right away.  Below is a video of some of my favorite raw food meals that has made my transition easier.



Let’s review!  The kitchen gadgets to be successful with a raw food lifestyle is:  1) Vitamix Blender, 2) Excalibur Dehydrator, 3) Cuisinart Food Processor and 4) Magic Bullet portable blender.  Also, the Brieftons 5 blade spiralizer or the Veggetti Vegetable Cutter to make noodles! 


See comments at Youtube of the meals in the video!


xoxo, Janice


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