Vitamix Blender Helps Me Heal the Whole Body


My feet still feel great!  I have done the Power 7 Foot Neuropathy process again, only because it feels so good and to keep the healing going.  In my last post I shared how I healed the neuropathy in my feet naturally. 😀


I haven't had any health issues in my life until this one.  I have been vegetarian 22 years and have experienced great energy and vitality all my life.  I was a runner for over 20 years which allowed me to live in a slim frame.  Since I stopped running, my weight has increased.  After a week of research into this condition I realized I have a fatty or toxic liver that caused the ailment.

 This video by Dr. Eric Berg DC gave me insight of what caused the foot neuropathy.  I was able to see that my sugar and carb consumption was way too high.  I immediately adjusted my lifestyle diet which was easy.  After a week I am satisfied with the changes and actually like it better.    


 I viewed a couple of videos on reversing the ailment and found this video interview with Neal Barnard, MD to be the most informative.  Every question I had was asked and answered.  Watch it if you are interested in reversing disease and healing yourself of most health issues.  Dr. Neal Barnard wrote a book too - Program for Reversing Diabietes!  


Fully Raw Kristina is one of my favorite YouTubers.  Check out her homemade salad dressings which is important to keep the calories low and enjoy oil free recipes.


The blender I use to make these great recipes is a Vitamix Blender.  This professional grade blender is the best I've ever owned.  Highly rated and available in three colors!  Link to Amazon - Vitamix Blender


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