Start a landscaping business with a PowerSmart Lawn Mower!

Running your own business or at least a side hustle in landscaping is very easy to do.  Most jobs on a 1/4 acre lot can be finished in a hour.  Today's rate for one lawn is $50 to $70 each.  Work full time or part-time is up to you. You're the boss.

The PowerSmart self propelled lawn mower will help to finish the job even faster.  This 21-inch mower has big blades to cover and cut more ground.  Create a landscaping bundle with an PowerSmart edger.  The edger is used along the curb and sidewalk to make a great presentation.  A trimmer and blower will make clean up fast, on hedges and any leaves any debris! 

The best way to find customers are through word of mouth, posting flyers on doors of houses with tall lawns that need to be cut and on free apps like TaskRabbit.  


If you want a battery operated lawn mower and tools, check out this bundle by Greenworks.


Landscaping can be done during warm months and wintertime too.  Simply change your focus from warm temps to cold.  Offer to clean walkways and driveways of snow and ice.  


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