Where is everybody? Comments are appreciated. Buy my Book.

This is the main reason I don't continue blogs or posting regularly.  The stats say I'm getting visitors but there are no comments.  Do you really think I just want to send my thoughts and feelings out in the cosmos without getting feedback?

I have started numerous blogs and although I have views, no one is giving input to keep me interested, to keep doing it.

Where is everybody?  😐

Will this be another project that hangs in the balance.  Should I continue, or no? 😒

While you think about it, consider buying my book.  DREAM ZONE 

It is a page turner that is sure to keep you excited  AND you have not heard this story told before.

Send $10 per book to https://www.paypal.me/janice7 with your name and address.  I'll mail it the next day.  117 pages, softcover .. All illustrations by me!  😃💥


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