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  Have you seen some of the numbers shared that people are making online?  Its shocking! 😲  I believe it, because the Internet has opened the entire world to us.

I have tired several ways to make passive income.  I started my first YouTube channel 9 years ago.  The max I made was $76 one month.  I canceled the account due to complications with the gmail used to set it up.  I started another channel and even after 7 years, its still not monetized.  I posted a video every day for 6 months in 2019.  I've gotten bored with it.  It is a casino slot channel.  You can subscribe here.  ->  JMarie Slot Videos 

Right now my easy side hustle is testing websites.  I get $10 a test and it usually takes approx. 15 minutes.  Paid in 7 days.  I love it!  There are longer tests that pay $60 but it involves more people and takes a hour.  The shorter test works best for me.

I have 3 Teespring stores.  I need to promote them more.  Didn't get much traction via Facebook ads.  I plan to run more ads this month so I'll let you know how it goes. 

Here's the links to my newest one!  Janice Marie Teespring Store

I also have a fictional novella to sell.  I wrote it in 2010; this is the 10th year!  I'll do a separate post soon on how I wrote it in 60 days and published in 4 months.  Only a few copies left!  Each one is autographed.  DREAM ZONE - THE BOOK

Tell me your side hustles in the comments and how they work for you.

Have a wonderful day!

Keep me motivated! $



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